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Using this approach, we found that the pools were commutable in 78%-100% of pairwise comparisons for LDLC and 47%-81% of pairwise comparisons for HDLC (see Table 1).
With poor control one sees an increase in triglyceride concentrations and a decrease in HDLC levels, which may be reversed with improvement in diabetes control.
Like the HDLC core, all modules in the library can be integrated via drag-and-drop into the CSoC device's embedded programmable logic.
The low latency of HDLC over IP enables the concurrent use of MLPPP T1 circuits with emulated circuits," said Mark Doyle Engage President.
Different TC/HDLC targets may be achieved by fixing TC concentrations and varying HDLC concentrations.
Mindspeed's multi-channel synchronous communications controller (MUSYCC) devices provide a comprehensive solution for the processing of HDLC channels for internetworking applications such as Frame Relay, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), D channel signaling, X.
The specification will enable service providers to introduce new Ethernet services in a heterogeneous network of ATM, Frame Relay, HDLC and PPP using MPLS as a communication broker.
Nasdaq:PMCS) today announced the PM7305 FREEDM 336LE, PM7306 FREEDM 84LE,PM7307 FREEDM 32LE and PM8312 TEMUX 32 devices, the newest members of its market-leading FREEDM(TM) family of HDLC packet processors and TEMUX(R) family of high-density T1/E1 framers, mappers and multiplexers for multi-service architectures.
Axerra Networks' family of AXN Pseudo-Wire Gateways and Access Devices(TM) furnish full-service capabilities over the HFC and fiber infrastructure of cable networks, including leased line T1 PCM Voice, T1 Private Line Data, Ethernet Private Line, native Frame Relay, ATM, HDLC, and IP services.