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These survey results confirm our recent experience that there are investors with capital actively looking to invest in the apartment market," said HFO Partner Greg Frick.
Working throughout Oregon and Washington HFO offers an insider's knowledge of the local market.
Polycat 211 and Dabco TMR18 catalysts - are both new catalyst technologies that can be used to improve both system reactivity and physical properties in rigid foams that use HFO blowing agents and contain high water content levels.
In 2015, HFO accounted for nearly 60 percent of the marine fuel consumed by ships operating in the Arctic.
In 2016, the United States and Canada announced a "phase down" in the use of HFO in vessels operating in the Arctic.
The seller was Alexander Loop LLC of Portland, owned by a partnership managed by Walter Bowen, HFO said.
Aerosol propellants are categorized into varied types based on their functionalities, such as DME, HFC, HFO, other hydrocarbons, and others.
Currently HFO is used due to shortage of natural gas.
TOKYO -- Trane is the first company to develop a line of centrifugal chillers that uses an HFO refrigerant.
These bunkers are created by blending higher sulfur IFO or HFO with lower sulfur IFO or marine gas oil (MGO).