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Overall, the HIO said that so far 637,000 people have registered as Gesy beneficiaries, while 1,159 doctors have joined the healthcare system -- 384 GPs, 123 pediatricians, and 652 specialist doctors.
A room near the entrance of the Nicosia general was also set up to host HIO staff who accommodated people with their Gesy registration.
Piera told the Cyprus News Agency that the programmers have not been able yet to link the HIO's programme to the pharmacies' software.
In a written statement following the meeting, Ioannou said that he had reiterated to the paediatric society the guarantees that were until now given by the HIO regarding the role of paediatricians in Gesy.
"The HIO is in contact with the Civil and Migration Department and the government data warehouse, from where all data related to the Gesy beneficiaries is collected, to resolve the matter," it said, adding that it will issue an announcement with further information/instructions to the public within the next few days.
This would suggest there would not be enough specialist doctors, even though the HIO keeps giving information, reproduced with a triumphant tone by the media, that more and more doctors were signing up to Gesy by the day?
"Unfortunately, promises concerning choosing doctors and hospitals seem to collapse because the HIO's and Gesy plans do not allow distinguished health professionals and private hospitals to join Gesy," it said.
HIO has invited personal doctors and paediatricians to apply for posts as duty doctors both on weekdays and weekends.
The HIO is optimistic that the software system will work smoothly board member Michalis Michael told Stockwatch.
2 May 2017 - New York, US-based insurance broker and consultant NFP has acquired Nevada, US-based coverage provider for golf events Hole-in-One USA (HIO) to meet increased demand for hole-in-one coverage, the company said.
The Department of Human Services' (DHS) eHealth partnership program has connected Mount Nittany Exchange (MNX) to the PA Patient & Provider Network (P3N), making MNX one of five active health information organizations (HIO) in Pennsylvania, the company said.
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