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Set in the fast-paced modern world of hi-tech dating services, romantic comedy Hitch looks at the ups and downs of finding loveFor a suitable fee, Hitch promises to help his clients approach and woo their perfect partners.
Hitch hits all the right buttons, however, and that's primarily down to Smith's easy-going, amiable style.
In this romantic comedy, he plays the legendary but mysterious date doctor Hitch who, for a fee, helps men get it on with the girls.
Following the success of Hitch Hiker, Adams wrote a number of books in a similar vein - The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe and Life, The Universe And Everything to name but two, but increasingly found the pressures of working to a deadline difficult to cope with.
It doesn't use a three-point hitch, but it does use the tractor's hydraulic system.
The Under-Bed Double Lock Gooseneck Hitch offers a cleaner look than over-bed models.
U-Haul is an authorized hitch installer for auto dealerships nationwide; if your new car does not have a complete towing package, our installers provide dealership quality for half the price.
In one hilarious scene Hitch is trying to teach one of his students how to kiss properly.
ARTHUR HITCH, long-time Wimbledon trainer, has decided to quit the track at the end of December.
Our 5 Big With a Hitch Step Drop is used on our 14-yard routes run by our wide receivers.
Wacky Scots rocker Bill Drummond's latest burning ambition is to hitch a ride to the moon.
CURT's new round bar weight distribution hitch has up to 14,000 lb gross trailer weight (GTW) capacity and up to 1,400 lb tongue weight (TW) capacity.