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Recency effects in HIV-associated dementia are characterized by deficient encoding.
In addition, it was believed that these infected and underperforming cells are also the cause of HIV-associated dementia, which commonly occurs in the later phases of HIV infection.
It is worth noting that astrogliosis is a histological feature usually observed in HIV-associated dementia.
While the prevalence of HIV-associated dementia has diminished substantially with combination highly active antiretroviral therapy, rates of less severe asymptomatic neurocognitive impairment and mild neurocognitive disorder have risen with the aging HIV population, he said.
HIV encephalopathy is part of the acute HIV syndrome during seroconversion whereas AIDS dementia complex, also known as HIV-associated dementia complex, is characterised by cognitive, motor and behavioural features in advanced AIDS when the CD4 lymphocyte count falls below 200 cells/[mm.
Introduction: HIV-associated dementia is the most common nontraumatic dementia among young people.
Although commonly used, the bedside Mini-Mental State Examination may be insensitive to cognitive deficits in HIV-associated dementia.
Twelve patients with HIV who tested within the normal range on neuropsychological tests were compared with 10 normal, HIV-negative controls, 11 HIV-infected patients with mild neurocognitive disorder; and 10 patients with HIV-associated dementia.
Study yields new insight into HIV-associated dementia [press release].