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In this way, the aim of this study was to investigate the probability of finding an HLA matching donor for the next recipient in the kidney waiting-list base on the HLA frequencies in a Colombian population.
Inaccurate typing could lead to inadequate HLA matching between donors and recipients, which could ultimately increase the chances of graft rejection, GVHD and mortality.
PCR--reverse dot blot analysis was used to diagnose [beta]-thalassemia, and short tandem repeat linkage analysis was used for HLA matching.
6) The role of HLA matching between donor and recipient in organ transplant rejection has been pointed out in some studies and a degree of HLA mismatching could be associated with increased graft failure.
Many scientists believe that iPSC-based cell therapies that employ this HLA matching strategy should result in reduced use of immunosuppressive drugs and be better tolerated by patients.
This increase in the use of CB is due to favorable results in children, an increase in the availability of CB units with large cell doses, less stringent donor-recipient HLA matching, and rapid identification and acquisition of the unit.
This note will begin in Part I by discussing the background of the assisted reproductive technologies involved in a full PGD with HLA matching cycle.
HLA matching was undertaken which provided that the tissues of both the children matched and the treatment could proceed.
For one thing, HLA matching of cord blood does not need to be as strict as with bone marrow for the transplant to be successful.
In HLA matching only a genetically identical donor would have a perfect match.
3% increase in renal transplants in black patients since the rules have changed by relaxing HLA matching requirements, said Friedrich K.