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The third strategy for avoiding immune rejection is HLA matching; however, the importance of HLA matching in transplantation varies, depending on what tissue or organ is transplanted.
Positions on this aspect of the procedure reflect differing views of the moral status of embryos and the likelihood that using PGD for HLA matching will lead to using PGD for other nonmedical indications.
Many scientists believe that iPSC-based cell therapies that employ this HLA matching strategy should result in reduced use of immunosuppressive drugs and be better tolerated by patients.
Pablo Rubinstein of NYBC analyzed the results of their 1,100 transplants and confirmed that better HLA matching of the PCB unit to the patient significantly improves patient outcome.
While HLA matching improves the outcome of transplantation (utility), the researchers said it decreases the number of nonwhites who undergo transplantation (equity).
The policy addresses HLA matching, which measures the immune system compatibility between an organ donor and an individual patient.
Improved leukemia-free survival was associated with better HLA matching, Karnofsky scores of 90 or more, lower white blood cell counts at diagnosis, age younger than 15 years, and first complete remission duration of at least 6 months.