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Engine Room Artificer Jermiah Dacey, 26, Royal Navy, HMS Indefatigable, of Merches Gardens.
Stoker Daniel Doyle, 47, Royal Naval Reserve, HMS Indefatigable, of Newport Street.
He joined the brand new HMS Indefatigable in 1943 at John Brown Shipyards and from there they sailed to Orkney to complete three weeks of sea trials prior to their first convoy.
uk/buyaphoto 01484 430000 ext 7778 DETAILED: The HMS Indefatigable which was carved by Maurice Oldale and on which Frank Bromhead, a founding member of the group, served.
In her previous life she had been HMS Indefatigable, built at Devonport Dockyard, Plymouth, in 1848.
n The jetty now serves HMS Indefatigable, the joint military services training establishment.
The company was a big supporter of the Sailors' Home, HMS Conway and HMS Indefatigable training establishments.
THESE young Jack Tars were all cadets on board HMS Indefatigable, a training ship which was based at Rock Ferry.