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FIRST-class stoker T H Pennington was on HMS Indefatigable in the Jutland naval battle, and went down with his vessel.
Head of the family is great, great grandfather Eric Lawton, who served in the Royal Navy during World War Two on the aircraft carrier HMS Indefatigable.
The former soldier, who now works in the military welfare centre at the HMS Indefatigable mountaineering school, Anglesey, keeps Dartmoors, Suffolks and crosses on his 18-acre smallholding.
HMS Indefatigable Association Reunion March 30- April 1, 2001, Birmingham.
Robert and George Burton, from Noel Street, Lodge Lane, were both killed on HMS Indefatigable at the Battle of Jutland, while the Caddens from Wallasey - Bernard, holder of the Military Medal, and John, died within 24 hours, from pneumonia, a week before the war's end.