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We took up the hoops, and began to drop them into the sockets placed for them.
Five minutes afterwards, George said, "Ah!" too, and threw his plate out on the bank; and, three minutes later than that, Montmorency gave the first sign of contentment he had exhibited since we had started, and rolled over on his side, and spread his legs out; and then I said, "Ah!" and bent my head back, and bumped it against one of the hoops, but I did not mind it.
"Never mind the hoops. I have broken the ice with Sir Patrick."
* Place the hoop on the machine and embroider step 1 to stitch a placement line.
PS8.50, www.topshop.com PAVE HUGGIE HOOP EARRINGS WITH STAR DROP: Classic, simple and elegant, these silver-plated earrings with star drop are a jewellery staple.
31 July 2019 - Colorado, US-based event management company Big Ticket Sports, LLC founder Kevin Garnett, former NBA MVP, has acquired Hoop It Up grassroots basketball tour, the company said.
Co-founder Paul Lewis is excited to formally launch the professional service aspect of Hoop, saying: "Our vision for our professional services specialism is clear; we will work in partnership with public, private and third sector organizations offering an expert and honest service with over 25 years of experience of working with Welsh businesses."
In the individual program, Azerbaijan will be represented by Zohra Agamirova, who will perform in the exercises with a hoop and clubs in the finals.
Police officer Roger Itzel was on patrol on March 28 and spotted a group of kids playing basketball with a hoop they made out of a recycling bin.
A collection of low-tunnel hoops can be one of the most useful tools in a gardener's arsenal.
In a four-part hula hoop video, she was dancing to the tune of Hula Hoop Remix by OMI feat.
Their gardens are laid out with alternating 18-foot strips of hoop houses and cover crops.