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The first step in transitioning Oracle's internal production data environment to HP 9000 Enterprise Servers was recently completed with the consolidation of Oracle's global e-mail infrastructure.
com e-business solution establishes the high-end HP 9000 Superdome server as the world's fastest platform for customers using mySAP.
The switched fabric functionality is available with HP's next-generation PCI tachlite fibre channel adapter for HP 9000 A-, L-, N- and V-Class servers running HP-UX(1) 11.
We chose HP 9000 N-Class servers and the HP-UX 11 operating environment because of their scalability and performance, and the XP256 disk array because it will support our mission-critical computing needs," said Barrese.
Anyone who buys the HP 9000 A400 or A500 will be able to download Ultraseek Server with a free 500 document license from http://software.
Mirror Image, a worldwide leader in global content distribution and managed caching services, is excited about the upcoming availability of Inktomi's leading-edge software solutions on HP's scalable HP 9000 servers.
Service providers, dot coms and enterprise customers have all been very enthusiastic about the HP 9000 server family," said Eric Buatois, general manager of HP's Communications Industry Business Unit.
IDC's quarterly market-share analysis also indicates that the highly successful HP 9000 L-Class entry-level servers helped propel HP past IBM in worldwide entry-level UNIX system server factory revenues in 1999.
The special CPI equipment mounting rails offer a high-quality, cost-effective mounting solution for HP's popular line of HP 9000 servers.
Interphase Corporation (NASDAQ:INPH), an international supplier of enterprise networking technologies, today announced plans to supply Hewlett-Packard Company with storage networking interfaces for their HP 9000 A-Class, N-Class and L-Class Enterprise Servers.