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The PCI HSM certification for the updated CryptoServer hardware platform demonstrates Utimaco's ability to deliver innovative and high-quality security solutions, even in the most rigorous and demanding environments.
Through the end of 2013, Townsend Security will waive the set-up fee associated with deploying the Alliance Key Manager Hosted HSM.
To better understand the electric response of the experiment sample HSM to the EM wave of normal incidence, the surface current distribution of metallic plate at the resonance frequencies (~0.
The Society's Tamara Barnes will lead each of these workshops, at HSM headquarters in Lansing.
The HSM is divided into four parts that outline the tools and techniques for quantifying safety impacts within a locality.
A recent articulation agreement was signed with the South Dakota School of Mines, which grants HSM grads full credit for the first two years of the four-year degree program in either geology or mining metallurgy.
Dausmann believes there is potential for HSM to survive in one form or another, with [euro]1.
The Mikron HSM 400U machining center took first place in two prestigious international competitions with its high-speed 5-axis machining technology.
The basic idea of HSM is to free up disk space on the local or network server hard drive by transferring little-used data onto a hierarchy of lower-cost media such as magnetic tape or optical disks.
a global leader in data protection, today announced that its Luna EFT Hardware Security Module (HSM) has achieved PCI HSM compliance.