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HTLV-III is currently the name used to describe another virus related to HTLV-I and HTLV-II.
10) described an immortalized T-cell line in which large quantities of HTLV-III could be obtained by co-culture with putatively infected T-cells.
They stated that: "The data suggest that HTLV-III was rare in Africa until recently and still is rare in much of the continent.
14] "Needlestick Transmission of HTLV-III from a Patient Infected in Africa," Lancet 2 (December 15, 1984), 1376-77; C.
Durham, NC) uses antigen derived from HIV-1 virus propagated in T-lymphocyte culture from an HTLV-III isolate.
Infrequency of isolation of HTLV-III virus from saliva in AIDS.
If that name sounds familiar, it's because of its similarity to HTLV-III (for human T-lymphotropic virus type III), the AIDS virus discovered by Gallo's laboratory.
Even those who are not sick but who test positive for HTLV-III virus are denied their civil rights.
The virus is not the AIDS virus, which was recently designated HIV (also known as HTLV-III, LAV-I, or ARV-I).
To stanch gay sprawl and curb AIDS, he would have us embark on a series of measures ending in sterilization and compulsory tattooing for those who test positive for the HTLV-III antibody.
In an ELISA, the blood is added to small wells containing bits of the AIDS virus, which was previously known as HTLV-III or LAV-I, but has been recently designated HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) by an international committee of virologists.