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Current blocking algorithms of link blocks, especially various HTML tag tree-based methods, require webpages to obey strict standards.
Radware's team of researchers found that in order to exploit the vulnerability which crashes the Firefox application, a Firefox 3 user must open or surf into an HTML page crafted with a simple set of legitimate HTML tags.
A few sample scripts are supplied which add useful functionality including stripping HTML tags from text; adding up columns of figures and more.
HTML tags violate XML's rule forbidding empty elements; the common tag is typically used without a closing tag, for example.
4D Extend Script will help facilitate the setting-up of HTML tags inside GoLive 5.
But I have to believe there's even greater potential, once publishers figure out how to do more than put HTML tags on old brochure copy.
HTML Sanitizer exclusion list: Some legitimate emails, which are automatically generated, risk having their HTML tags and HTML forms disabled by the HTML Sanitizer.
Power users can employ regular expressions to replace absolute links with relative ones or to add attributes to HTML tags.
Using real-world examples, you'll learn how to change copyright dates, replace HTML tags, collect information from server or system logs, and inspect web logs.
lt;p>Secunia, a Danish security company, rated the bug "highly critical," the second-highest threat ranking in its five-step system, and added that the vulnerability is in TraceMonkey's processing of JavaScript code handling "font" HTML tags.
The PocketBook Maker software uses the iPod's support for basic HTML tags in the NOTES folder to power the interactive functionality.
HTML developers will appreciate NoteTab's one-click conversion from text to HTML, and its ability to strip HTML tags quickly and easily.