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HABERDASHER. A dealer in miscellaneous goods and merchandise.

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The newly-introduced haberdasher character in Cervantes connects to the Mateo Aleman idea of measure in the story since the character of the haberdasher uses a measuring stick to mete out his punishment on the madman.
1797: London haberdasher James Hetherington was fined pounds 50 for wearing his latest creation, a top hat 1921: Frank Thornton, British actor best known for his role as Mr Peacock in Are You Being Served?
What does a haberdasher sell: fruit, ribbons or weapons?
Jackie Chan starrer "The Tuxedo" as Haberdasher Parody Spy.
What can a haberdasher do to safeguard the rights of workers?
The failed haberdasher is Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart.
Giles, a haberdasher, complained to the Queen because his own business was being undermined by Arnold's activities: as he puts it, he was "hynderyde of hys lyvyge herbye [because] .
George Peter-Hoblyn attacks flag starts after Haberdasher (Robert Baker) is third to Whiffenretz (Frank Freeman/George Duffield) in the sprint at Chepstow, where there are no stalls.
A correspondent of the society, draper and haberdasher Antony van Leeuwenhoek of Delft had described miniature creatures in a letter published in the March PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS.
While others at first condescended to the former failed haberdasher, Acheson was always faithful and genuinely respectful of FDR's successor.
So how come nobody gives a patootie about the Hugo Boss Prize, the biennial award underwritten by the German haberdasher and administered by the Guggenheim Museum?
Agnes Dow, a silk mercer, haberdasher and milliner in Leith in the 1830s was bankrupted following the loss of a sister-partner who suffered from a chronic mental illness.