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Fitness for occupancy. The requirement that rented premises, such as a house or apartment, be reasonably fit to occupy.

A Warranty of habitability is an implied promise by a landlord of residential premises that such premises are fit for human habitation. It exists in a majority of states, either by statute or case law, and implies that the premises are free from any condition that is unsafe or unsanitary. A breach of this warranty would, for example, occur if none of the toilets were in working order or if the roof of a house was in total disrepair.

A warranty of habitability begins at the commencement of the tenancy and continues for its duration.

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If the legislature considers this issue, they should simply recognize that a purchaser of residential housing cannot waive his right to sue for breach of implied warranty of habitability.
To avoid construction defect litigation, some general contractors now include language in their standard contracts providing that the habitability warranty is either excluded or waived.
One of most surprising aspects of habitability onboard the International Space Station is noise.
para]]Briefing topics will include the quest for evidence of habitability and life on Mars, plans for exploring the habitability of Europa and Enceladus, and progress in identifying signs of habitability on exoplanets.
It's an open question as to how carbon-rich chemistry will affect the habitability of exoplanets.
Curiosity arrived at the Kimberly on Wednesday and the mission is currently studying rocks in the area that may provide further clues to the Red Planet's past habitability and ancient geology.
The 28 papers in this collection consider an overview of planets in the solar system; exoplanet atmospheres from transit observations; exoplanet atmospheric dynamics; molecular data-lists and modeling; brown dwarfs; modeling, habitability, and detecting biosignatures of terrestrial expolanets; and future short-term and long-term missions and instruments to characterize exoplanet atmospheres.
We're now looking to see if we can find other conditions necessary for life by defining habitability.
Liaison with Commander, Naval Installation Command (CNIC) for quality of life and habitability improvements aboard various Army sites where IA Sailors train.
Recent studies, Selsis said, show that the habitability zone of Gliese 581 extends farther than originally thought, placing planet Gliese 581d, which flanks Gliese 581g on the side farther from the star, in the habitability zone, too.
This discovery has important implications to many areas of planetary exploration, including the habitability of Mars, he said.