Habitual drunkard

HABITUAL DRUNKARD. A person given to ebriety or the excessive use of intoxicating drink, who has lost the power or the will, by frequent indulgence, to control his appetite for it.
     2. By the laws of Pennsylvania an habitual drunkard is put nearly upon the same footing with a lunatic; he is deprived of his property, and a committee is appointed by the court to take care of his person and estate. Act of June 13, 1836, Pamph. p. 589. Vide 6 Watts' Rep. 139; 1 Ashm. R. 71.
     3. Habitual drunkenness, by statutory provisions in some of the states, is a sufficient cause for divorce. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 296.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
References in classic literature ?
Nikita, though an habitual drunkard, was not drunk that day because since the last day before the fast, when he had drunk his coat and leather boots, he had sworn off drink and had kept his vow for two months, and was still keeping it despite the temptation of the vodka that had been drunk everywhere during the first two days of the feast.
Legree was not an habitual drunkard. His coarse, strong nature craved, and could endure, a continual stimulation, that would have utterly wrecked and crazed a finer one.
'The man of whom I speak was a low pantomime actor; and, like many people of his class, an habitual drunkard. in his better days, before he had become enfeebled by dissipation and emaciated by disease, he had been in the receipt of a good salary, which, if he had been careful and prudent, he might have continued to receive for some years--not many; because these men either die early, or by unnaturally taxing their bodily energies, lose, prematurely, those physical powers on which alone they can depend for subsistence.
The other phase of the death-road was that of the habitual drunkards, who had a way of turning up their toes without apparent provocation.
Some residents said Hosea was a habitual drunkard who may have opted to take his life after he lacked money to buy local brew.
The family also claimed that Woods and Herman were drinking with Immesberger just days before the fatal crash and "reasonably should have known" he was a "habitual drunkard."
The lawsuit alleges Woods and Herman had been drinking with Immesberger just days before the crash and "reasonably should have known" he was a "habitual drunkard," according to TMZ.
Her mother returned to her parents three years ago after she suffered depression while her father is a habitual drunkard which has led him to abdicate his responsibilities.Ms Rono told the Nation that during her secondary school days, she used to walk for 20 kilometres from her home to school.
According to police, Bhagwan Das, the son of the deceased Raj Kumari, was a habitual drunkard. He had fabricated a story and named eight people, accusing them of killing his mother.
The oppositor accused Quiroz of being a "habitual drunkard" and of being "not morally and intellectually fit." Martinez also said that the justice was fined by the SC.
The learned bishop had a cook who was a habitual drunkard. Repeated words of advice and admonition had no effect on him.
(78) "However, the bill was amended on the floor of the House to delete the language requiring proof of all elements of the criminal offense and to specify only that the [commercial host] knowingly serve a habitual drunkard." (79)