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com)-- HouseCall Pro Co-Founders Roland Ligtenberg and Reza Olfat are excited to announce that they are recipients of the first place award for "Best Existing App" category at the $100k Hackathon during Intuit's QuickBooks Connect 2015.
Another team, this one composed of Gian Quino, Harold Calayan, and Sam Francisco won third place in the Accenture Hackathon, where they developed Caffre-fort, an intelligent incident reporting and notifications app that allows users to report different types of public crime and accidents.
The Hackathon is a software design competition for teams of college students that Rural Sourcing Inc.
Hackathon structures vary, but they are usually set up in teams who work on specific projects within a short time frame.
This year's hackathon theme is "setting the record straight," it announced.
Hackathons, also known as hackdays, codefests or hackfests, are a global phenomenon which began in the US in the mid to late 2000s.
She took up the issue with White House officials this summer and pressed for hackathon solution as used by the U.
The Hackathon event is being held tomorrow at H2M Solutions' office in the Capital Plus Tower, Seef, starting at 5.
Yahoo gets recognition for the first official hackathon in 2005.
com (NYSE: CRM) said it has launched the Salesforce USD1m Hackathon, with the largest single Hackathon prize ever.
Karachi -- Microsoft Pakistan along with Nokia Pakistan recently held WOWZAPP 2012: Worldwide Hackathon for Windows in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.
MIT's first ever music hackathon, a round-the-clock competition by teams of computer programmers, artists, and designers to produce music software applications, will be held on Nov.