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The institute's researchers launch hail stones of various sizes at buildings with different roof materials to see when the effects begin to show and whether it is just cosmetic damage or functional damage.
In the first week of the month, there was flooding Iraq and Saudi Arabia, hail stones in Doha, and plenty of thunder and lightning throughout the region.
Officials warned of the possibility of tornadoes and baseball-sized hail stones for the area including Oklahoma City and Tulsa.
Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Iowa are all in the path of the powerful storm system capable of producing winds of up to 80 miles per hour, large hail stones and violent tornadoes.
Jess Wilson - Went floral today, lucky I remembered I live in Aberdeen and wore a jacket too James Milne - Hail stones are like boulders here in Aberdeen Kayley - always know ur almost home from aberdeen when u seen the masive golfball Duncan Scott - Guitar wifey gave me a smile as she was strumming away Yasmin Sidiki - aberdeen needs an underground between the hospital, uni, hillhead, beach and town.
Those born to the country or who, like me, count their time in the UAE in decades rather than months, will have seen hail stones the size of tennis balls, sand storms worthy of Hollywood, several Gulf wars and the loss of some of the most influential Arab leaders the world has ever known.
The East Midlands, North East and North West were the worst-hit areas - with storm damage, flooding and even hail stones the size of golf balls - as June produced pounds 40m of weather losses in household, property and motor insurance.
It said the East Midlands, North-east and North-west were the worst-affected areas, suffering storm damage, flooding and even hail stones the size of golf balls.
Makins Fishery in Warwickshire was in the path of a violent storm that saw hail stones measuring up to 7cm across smash poles like they were glass.
As well as the high winds, there were reports of huge inch-wide hail stones and lightning.
wrexham @PlasRhianfa: Glorious sunshine, followed by thunder, followed by torrential huge hail stones.
The weather was really good apart from one day in the Lake District when there were 100 mile an hour winds and hail stones.