Half defence

HALF DEFENCE, pleading. It is the peculiar form of a defence, which is as follows, "venit et defendit vim et injuriam, et dicit," &c. It differs from full defence. Vide Defence; Et cetera;

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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REDCAR won 22-17 at Winlaton Vulcans against a physical home side in foul weather, but good second half defence sealed it.
But Beale was impressed with his side's first half defence, with Chris Holder's play in the centre and with the line-out.
The half time score was 10-6 to the green and gold and superb second half defence made sure they claimed six wins out of six so far this seasoS S n.
27 PONTYPRIDD coach Paul John praised his side's second half defence for denying RFU Championship strugglers Birmingham & Solihull their first win of the season at Sharmans Cross Road Birmingham, without a win in league or cup rugby this season, had threatened an upset when they capitalised on slack Pontypridd defending to run in three first-half tries.
Their second half defence against that wind and a hard-scrummaging Shelford side was simply magnificent and it wasn't until the second minute of injury time that their line was breached.
For the rest of the half defences were very much to the fore, with Williams, Sam Dalby and Graham Hyland leading the way.