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HALL. A public building used either for the meetings of corporations, courts, or employed to some public uses; as the city hall, the town hall. Formerly this word denoted the chief mansion or habitation.

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Halle Mae Coombs was born on September 6 PHOTOGRAPHY BY LORNA
Halle also gave a little insight into her happy home life.
But the most striking looks are when Halle changes sex to become eye-patched Korean medic Dr Ovid in 2144 and finally world saviour Meronym in post-apocalyptic 2321.
Halle stars with Tom Hanks, Natalie Portman and Glasgow-born James McAvoy in the pounds 80 million Warner Brothers production.
Halle has always made the needs and safety of her daughter her first priority and, both while Halle and Gabriel were a couple and since their break-up, Halle has only acted in her daughter's best interest," the statement continued.
Halle connects discussions of these far-reaching changes to how they have impacted the aesthetics of contemporary films.
Halle remembers the precise moment, in the spring of 2008, when she realized she needed to come to this country in East Africa.
Halle was invited to form and conduct an orchestra, and when the event finished, kept it together to form what eventually became the Halle Orchestra.
James Bond girl Halle also likes the effect being seven months pregnant is having on her looks.
Halle: Verlag der Franckeschen Stiflungen zu Halle, 2006.
Being raised in a single-parent home for most of her life, Halle was able to overcome numerous obstacles, and find a way to make a positive impact in her life.