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Second Lieutenant Rupert Price Hallowes, from Port Talbot, was awarded a posthumous VC - the Commonwealth's highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy - for his brave actions as he lay dying on a Western Front battlefield exactly a century ago.
Harry Hallowes on the plot of land in one of the UK's most desirable locations, that he has lived on for nearly 20 years
On hearing he is now the legal owner of the corner of Hampstead Heath, London, where he has been living 18 years, Harry Hallowes thought a mobile home would be nice - a second-hand one.
The risk being taken by Birmingham's landlords was hammered home by the recent Harry Hallowes case.
C[yen] Jonathan Hallowes, from Nortech International, said: C[pounds sterling]As customersCO needs change and evolve, they require new innovations in security technologies to secure their business interests.
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Its contents may have been suggested entirely by Conrad himself, yet I do not quite see why this letter formulated by Miss Hallowes and with her signature had to be included in an edition bearing the title The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad.
All Women features a selection of work by female artists, including Veda Hallowes and Sue Morgan.
Heart of a Dragon, launched at Caernarfon Castle, tells the stirring stories of war heroes like Rupert Hallowes of Port Talbot, who continually braved machine gun fire to bring ammunition and bombs to colleagues, and even attempted to "cheer up" fellow soldiers as he lay dying in Belgium during World War I.
But Lionel Hallowes, 73, who said he is actually Harry's brother, disputes there was ever a family feud.
Harry Hallowes, 70, has lived in a 12ft by 8ft shack on Hampstead Heath - one of London's most desirable areas.