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HALL. A public building used either for the meetings of corporations, courts, or employed to some public uses; as the city hall, the town hall. Formerly this word denoted the chief mansion or habitation.

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He was responding to a statement made by coalition leaders on January 31 that the state would immediately allocate Pound 10 million for the reconstruction of university halls of residence, and if the economy fares well, another Pound 10 million could be earmarked for the same purpose in late 2018.
They have absolutely no respect for private homes in the area as they continue to return all through the early morning hours in taxis, staggering back to the halls of residence.
A physical inspection identified that around a quarter of the exterior walls on one of our buildings - Bainfield Halls of residence - featured the same cladding reportedly used at Grenfell.
The Wales division of Midas Construction, part of The Midas Group, has been awarded the contract to convert four buildings at Fitzalan Court on Newport Road into student halls of residence.
22am yesterday but was unable to con-firm the location of the halls of residence.
If business rates are applied to halls of residence it will very likely result in students' rent increasing considerably and making the local universities significantly less appealing to future students.
The university's Pantycelyn halls of residence have been threatened with closure at the end of the academic term.
These latest halls of residence would be split across 34 shared apartments across more than 55,000 sq ft in a building of between five and seven storeys.
TWENTY people were evacuated after a blaze broke out in a university halls of residence.
Aberystwyth University chose Pick Everard as technical adviser for procurement on the pounds 40m Penglais Farm halls of residence project.
He added that Aston's own halls of residence, with 700 beds, would also be opening in 2013 and there are plans for further student blocs in the area, including at the Central Fire Station.
TWISTED: Tommy Hanks tricked his way into halls of residence before trying to rape a student at knifepoint.