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And, by looking at Hamburg and Stockholm together, she helps us to understand what is distinctive about each.
Hamburg does spend a decent amount of space discussing Oliver Stone and the movie business in general, and he tries to make the insights he offers in these parts seem fresh and relevant.
At the time, many young Liverpool groups had gravitated to the sister port city of Hamburg - where there was a lively music scene - but it was actually called the Hamburg Sound, declares Ulf Kruger, whose 96-page book tells the German side of these oftenmythical tales.
He added: "There were a few eyebrows raised over here when Hamburg won so comfortably in Glasgow because they've been inconsistent this season.
We aimed with the conference, not just to display visions to our visitors, but to present specific projects," said Jens Meier, Chairman of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) Management Board.
Hamad Bu Amim, president and CEO of Dubai Chamber, said Dubai companies can find business opportunities in a range of sectors in Hamburg, especially the maritime sector.
Most of these jobs are located in Hamburg and Northern Germany, he added.
And while Hamburg describes its port as 'Gateway to the World', visitors are more likely nowadays to arrive at Fuhlsbuttel Airport terminals 1 and 2 (1993 and 2005).
Suggestions for a plaque to commemorate the links between the Mersey Sound and Hamburg were being discussed by Liverpool councillors today.
Hamburg Ballet's conductor and a rehearsal pianist sit in a far corner of the studio chatting softly as Loscavio gives her full attention to the tiny and elegant woman coaching her through a series of crackling fouette turns.
Writer-director John Hamburg (who co-wrote Stiller's previous films ``Meet the Parents'' and ``Zoolander'' ) shot no fewer than a dozen takes of that scene.