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HANDBILL. A printed or written notice put up on walls, &c., in order to inform those concerned of something to be done.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The JI activists distributed pamphlets and hand bills as part of measures to launch awareness and sensitise youths about the important role in
Q I have approximately 150 newspapers, magazines, hand bills and souvenir posters of Princess Diana - all in perfect condition.
We pasted around 15,000 stickers on vehicles, distributed around 20,000 hand bills, we are also releasing a video CD of a motivational Punjabi song for the youth, asking them to realise their right to vote and vote honestly for the candidate of their choice in order to usher in a good government.
Clearly, these made their mark and drew in the crowds and very often hand bills served a double purpose by both advertising the play and becoming at the same time an admission ticket.
IO products such as hand bills, posters, billboards, banners, radio talk shows, TV and radio spots, and TV shows can be employed.
"We were simply advising people of the situation," Stamatiades says of those hand bills. "With the 'Miss Saigon' picket line, we're asking people to honor the line and not cross it."
(Lane Kirkland once told a senior IAF organizer, "the problem we have in the labor movement is we pay guys big salaries to pass out hand bills rather than teach workers how to organize").
Lastly, MetLife Dental can help a dentist hand bills to patients as they leave the office, thus saving on administrative and mailing expenses.
The introduction points out that the definition of imprint includes `all the products of the press, from books and official documents to job printing such as hand bills, commercial notices, licenses for trade with native peoples, shipping documents, and land grants.' This is a rich and natural extension of Tremaine.
Whether or not print has a place in eternity as the medium of choice for candy wrappers and hand bills, another questions looms: Should print make way for electronics as the dominant communication medium?
About 9000 hand bills were also distributed among farmers, the source added.