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HANDBILL. A printed or written notice put up on walls, &c., in order to inform those concerned of something to be done.

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Rehman also distributed hand bills and urged masses to participate in the march.
As per the order, the Magistrate has prohibited carrying of firearms, digging stones through blasting, stock/sale/purchase and use of crackers and fireworks, use of loudspeakers and sound amplifiers, distribution of hand bills and pamphlets besides wall chalking, use of cassette players and CD/DVD players for sectarian speeches, publication of any such housing scheme or sale of plot in Islamabad Capital Territory under the Section.
Before leaving the place, the Maoists left behind hand bills in the station premises that said they were opposing the state Government's amendments to the new Tenancy Act.
Covering the period 1877 to 1899, the collection includes minutes of meetings, reports, appeals to members, accounts, notices, hand bills, pamphlets and Gala programmes.
The JI activists distributed pamphlets and hand bills as part of measures to launch awareness and sensitise youths about the important role in
Q I have approximately 150 newspapers, magazines, hand bills and souvenir posters of Princess Diana - all in perfect condition.
Mass media, on the other hand, refers to "any means or methods used to convey advertising messages to the public such as television, radio, magazines, cinema, billboards, posters, streamers, hand bills, leaflets, mails and the like.
We pasted around 15,000 stickers on vehicles, distributed around 20,000 hand bills, we are also releasing a video CD of a motivational Punjabi song for the youth, asking them to realise their right to vote and vote honestly for the candidate of their choice in order to usher in a good government.
Clearly, these made their mark and drew in the crowds and very often hand bills served a double purpose by both advertising the play and becoming at the same time an admission ticket.
IO products such as hand bills, posters, billboards, banners, radio talk shows, TV and radio spots, and TV shows can be employed.
We were simply advising people of the situation," Stamatiades says of those hand bills.