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But for me, there was always an extra thrill in acquiring a second hand book, sometimes with an exotic name written inside, sometimes with fond wishes from a mystery signature to a 'dear' receiver.
His sickly-sweet relationship with orange drag queen Sharon is not exactly straight out of the tough guy's hand book. But to be fair- Shazza's much more frightening than Johnny Allen.
The money was raised through the hall's second hand book shop.
Retired police officer Brian Walton, 52, said he recalled her handing in what appeared to be an piece of an instruction hand book but at the time did not realise the significance.
Hand in Hand book has been designed to address this gap.
A second hand book sale was also held with proceeds being donated to the Pakistan Flood Appeal.
In fact if I recall there was and may still be a comment in the Liberal Organisers' hand book to the effect that anonymous leaflets are part of the Liberals' tool kit.
THE autobiography of an eccentric bookshop owner who transformed a sleepy Welsh town into the second- hand book capital of the world has been published in Korea.
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300-mL (ADHESIVES),Pen Stand with 2 pen,Pen Stand with 4 pen,Pencil Carbon,Pencil Carbon (Doule size),Perforator (Plastic Handle),Pin Cushion Magnet,PLASTIC STAMP PAD (Medium),PLASTIC STAMP PAD (Small),Room Freshener (Am bipur),Room Freshener (Premium),Rope Nylon (for National Flag ),Short Hand Book
Tenders are invited for Calling Rates Forprinting And Supply Of Hand Book Of Urban Statistics