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HANDBILL. A printed or written notice put up on walls, &c., in order to inform those concerned of something to be done.

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The result was that all the events described on the handbill then were planned and took place.
Publix Spokesperson Lee Brunson said, "The UFCW initially told all our associates in a handbill that they 'need a voice at work,' yet the UFCW is fighting to silence over 200 associates' votes.
campaign to handbill customers at Dunkin' Donuts retail
The village also agreed to provide the Union with any permits required to resume handbill distribution in Indian Hill, as well as pay the Union's attorneys' fees.
The purpose of the press conference will be to announce the start of the Union's campaign to handbill customers at Dunkin' Donuts retail stores in Philadelphia.
Luros said Mooney's inference in his handbill is irrelevant to his campaign.
Excerpts from Rosee's "Vertue of Coffee" handbill (the first known coffee advertisement) can be seen on the back of Pasqua's handout menu and on some of the walls of Pasqua's stores.
Noting the drop in the price of the company's stock; the handbill asks shareholders whether it is in their interest to adopt a strategy of confrontation with its unionized workers.
They will be joined by farmworkers, grocery clerks, and community members who will handbill at Fred Meyer and QFC stores in eastern Washington as well as in Alaska, Oregon, and Idaho.
Unpublished photographs of The Beatles at the famous Cavern Club, a ticket for the staff dance at Lewis's in Liverpool and a handbill for Heswall Jazz Club are also for sale.