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The Earthquake Reconstruction Program builds earthquake-resistant and handicapped-accessible schools and healthcare facilities in areas of northern Pakistan affected by the 2005 earthquake.
They also designed separate art-sink and kitchen/ coffee areas, two modern bathrooms, including one that is handicapped-accessible, numerous lockers and storage areas, and a dedicated model-building room that is enclosed and properly vented for safety with a fume hood.
BURBANK - The DeBell Golf Course could get a Craftsman-style clubhouse and a handicapped-accessible parking lot under an $8 million project coming before the City Council on March 7.
All courses are handicapped-accessible and adhere to ISTE, ADA, IDEA, and SCORM standards.
What it needs is a larger, handicapped-accessible children's department and space for computer equipment and a meeting room.
For many a nursing home operator, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) seems like enough to worry about when it comes to creating a handicapped-accessible facility.
A handicapped-accessible camp opens up new target markets: disabled persons and senior citizens.
The project incudes improvements to the restaurant, and it will make the airport handicapped-accessible.