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It was partly to this vague fear that Marner was indebted for protecting him from the persecution that his singularities might have drawn upon him, but still more to the fact that, the old linen-weaver in the neighbouring parish of Tarley being dead, his handicraft made him a highly welcome settler to the richer housewives of the district, and even to the more provident cottagers, who had their little stock of yarn at the year's end.
There were suggestions of familiar lines of the handicraft of man.
I want you to have something, if you will, to remember me by, all of you, something which is really the handicraft of my country people.
There were various other samples of his handicraft, besides Dolls, in Caleb Plummer's room.
Momus, however, being very envious of the handicraft of each, found fault with all.
It would delight the dear woman to teach you all her delicate handicraft, especially button-holes, for I believe that is where young ladies fail; at least, I've heard them say so.
But there was also about him an indescribable air which no mechanic could have acquired in the practice of his handicraft however dishonestly exercised: the air common to men who live on the vices, the follies, or the baser fears of mankind; the air of moral nihilism common to keepers of gambling hells and disorderly houses; to private detectives and inquiry agents; to drink sellers and, I should say, to the sellers of invigorating electric belts and to the inventors of patent medicines.
He was dressed in decent black, a little rusty, and had the appearance of a sagacious master in some handicraft.
RAWALPINDI -- The Executive Committee of Pakistan Handicrafts Association (HAP) has decided to finalize road map of its calendar activities aimed to promote the handicrafts based on cultural heritage of Pakistan by organizing various national and international events.
2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Market overview of handicrafts Technavios market research analyst predicts the global handicrafts market to grow at a tremendous rate of 12 % during the forecast period.
He said the aim of the meeting was to introduce the participants to the program as one of the initiatives of the national strategy for supporting the handicrafts in the cultural, social and economic sectors.
TRADITIONAL Bahraini handicrafts will be the focus of a new government initiative that aims to make the sector more profitable, it has been revealed.