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When the plaintiff rider landed, his bike frame broke where the head tube--the piece below the handlebars where the manufacturer's name badge is traditionally placed --connects to the flame tubes.
They learned that a low handlebar position puts extra pressure on nerves and blood vessels, or neuropathies, in the genital area.
He fell onto the bike, and the handlebar pieced the top of his leg, lodging several inches inside.
Asked to explain her improvement from eighth in last September's world championships to second in Beijing, Pooley credited the handlebars and the design of a frame to fit her 5ft 1in body exactly.
'There were relatives and friends around her comforting her and she was very brave.' He added: 'She went off in an ambulance with the handlebars strapped to her and that's all we know.'
'It was said the handlebars would move when you put the breaks on, catapulting you forwards.
The only big difference is the gearshift, which moves from the crossbar to the handlebars for safety reasons.
Handlebar tilt-The bottom or dropped part of the handlebars (if you're choosing drop bars) should be parallel with the ground, or tilted down not more than 10 degrees.
A small pulley is attached to the center of the handlebar, a rope going to both pedals helps support the foot holders to make it easier to strap in the feet.
According to a report submitted to the ministry by the importer, the handlebars under question were order-made and could break off due to weak fixtures.
"These bikes have an extra wide base, are low maintenance, and have the gear shifter on the handlebars for easy access.
This will keep the rear of the bike down so that you don't flip over the handlebars.