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GALLOWS. An erection on which to bang criminals condemned to death.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In a painting called "The Hanging Tree" a branched upright line along a strong horizon suggests a tree with, possibly, some figures below it.
Halstead read one of her poems, "the hanging tree," which recalls her childhood memories of a massive tree on a hilltop at the side of a road in Germany where people had been hanged in the past for various wrongs.
He composed the soundtrack to the 'Look Out' theatre production 'Hanging Tree' at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and his visual artwork has been commissioned for use within the Ken Loach feature film - 'Ae Fond Kiss' and the David Mackenzie film - 'Hallam Foe'.
Hanging tree decorations, for example, could cost as little as [euro]1- ranging up to [euro]25 for the hand-carved wooden ones.
Nordic Rope Ladder Hanging Christmas Tree, PS20, A minimalist yet rustic alternative to the classic Christmas tree, this hanging tree is only 80cm tall and can be tucked up neatly against a wall.
Hanging tree decorations, for example, could cost as little as 1 Euro -- ranging up to 25 Euros for the hand-carved wooden ones.
"There is so much to understand about removing live or hanging tree branches, and it is not at all like cutting up firewood on the ground with a chain saw.
Hear about the Giant ghost, the hanging tree and the ladies with a fearsome reputation.