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GALLOWS. An erection on which to bang criminals condemned to death.

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We were treated to an entertaining and knowledgeable ramble through the woods during which our guide pointed out a section of the old Bianconi coach road and a hanging tree.
The accident involved the 342 First Bus service that was travelling down the busy main road when it hit the low hanging tree branch.
The Hanging Tree Prospect corresponds to a copper and zinc anomalous gossan within the Mimosa Unit and coincident soil geochemical, EM and magnetic anomalies.
Johnson (1905-1984), known for such classic Westerns as The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, A Man Called Horse, and The Hanging Tree.
Their field was by the hanging tree, and as the boys played, Griffith would peek at the condemned to see if he knew any of them.
I long admired and drew strength from an over-century-old cottonwood that had served both as a wedding tree and a hanging tree.
There is a dark absurd humor in these poems and images that suggest what lies on the other side of the gallows, the hanging tree.
The most important thing that kept me at work on both City of Laughter and The Hanging Tree was the fact that each book tackles historical conditions that have recognizably formed me.
Following this deliberate, detailed review, they set out on foot into the damp night to "walk" several miles of high voltage overhead lines looking for blown fuses, open lightning arresters, hanging tree limbs, and other obstructions that might be responsible for the loss of power.
Whether we were angels with dirty faces or devils with clean faces we all shall be punished one day," a mocking bird lurking on the hanging tree chirped.
Actor Ernest Borgnine, a past inductee, represented Malden at the ceremony, which also recognised Malden for his work in such Westerns as The Gunfighter, The Hanging Tree and How the West Was Won.
From Hanging Tree Quiche; Wolf Creek Goulash; Fifth Try Stew; Diamond Back Stir Fry; and Ma's Drunken Chicken; to Rocky Mountain Lamb; Klondike Souffle; Rio Grande Stuffed Steak; Texas Lasagna; and Gravel Road Banana Pie, Cowboy Goremay recipes are all thoroughly "kitchen friendly" with concise lists of ingredients and clear "do-it-yourself" directions that will make any dining occasion a truly memorable and palate pleasing affair with a distinctive western frontier appeal