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HANGMAN. The name usually given to a man employed by the sheriff to put a man to death, according to law, in pursuance of a judgment of a competent court, and lawful warrant. The same as executioner. (q.v.)

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Like the barkeeper, the hangman eventually had to move his trade behind secure walls and doors.
They will have to pull a hood over its head, place the noose around its neck and pull the trapdoor lever, all in less than the seven-and-ahalf second record set by English hangman Albert Pierrepoint in 1951.
But, turning away from what might be seen as the more traditional crime fiction genre, Dancing for the Hangman is a major departure for the writer, who has carved out a name for himself as the creator of Liverpool detective Harry Devlin, before turning his attention to his series of Lake District-based crime novels.
Naked to The Hangman is available in Bahrain bookshops, priced about BD5.
But Adrian Shergold's historical account of England's last hangman lifts the executioner's veil of
Klein, who was a barrister before she took up writing, has an eye for the details that matter as she explains from original sources how England's hangman from 1932 to 1956 managed to maintain his reputation for respectability and discretion by remaining within the contexts expected of him, despite his habit of selling what should have remained trade secrets.
We started out with the old standard hangman, then figured out ways to complicate it.
This study of Victorian Britain's most famous hangman seeks to put the man and his work into the proper historical context.
Back in England, the Year of the Hangman, 1777, finds the lazy and spoiled 15-year-old Creighton Brown in bad company, drinking and losing money at cards.
Take, for example, the time-honored game of hangman just released as Hangman 3D by SpyCatcher Corporation of Mission Viejo, Ca.
Taylor tells us for the first time, so far as I can tell, how Hermann Goering obtained the poison pill he used to cheat the Nuremberg hangman.
We congratulate Gregg on this achievement and look forward to his continued success," remarked James Doolin, President of Hangman Productions.