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HANGMAN. The name usually given to a man employed by the sheriff to put a man to death, according to law, in pursuance of a judgment of a competent court, and lawful warrant. The same as executioner. (q.v.)

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His first contract as principal hangman came on August 26, 1843, with Charles Higginson the man who would meet his maker.
The Hangman is his third published novel and he plans to make it into a series.
To help the writer, he suggests the hangman put pen to paper to describe his life.
Zimbabwe currently has 74 men and two women on death row, while no executions have been carried out since 2005 when the last hangman retired.
Dundee-born Kidd, who sailed vast tracts of the world's oceans, from the Caribbean to Madagascar, and was said to have tortured prisoners with cutlasses, almost escaped the hangman when the rope broke but eventually met his doom at the second attempt.
oise, if a woman is condemned to death by hanging, she must marry the hangman.
Then, shortly after hangman Mammu Singh died in May, his son Pawan Kumar stepped up.
The revolutionary disobedience of Yekini, the prison hangman, in refusing to hang the condemned young men reveals to us the events leading to their action and their being sentenced to death by hanging.
Here are conversations with Hangman Takuzo that took place during shooting: