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HANGMAN. The name usually given to a man employed by the sheriff to put a man to death, according to law, in pursuance of a judgment of a competent court, and lawful warrant. The same as executioner. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Likewise, Gall's discussion of an elegiac score that was ultimately omitted from the love scene in Hangmen Also Die for which it was intended (see appendix I, pp.
He is not in the hell on earth any more but not those hangmen - only if they have escaped any bombing, so far!
In the plays, Nwokedi and especially Hangmen, we notice such wanton and brazenly violent statements and actions by characters that suggest the kind of individuated and uncoordinated protests against an unjust social order that Engels repudiated in his letter to Marx.
During their time The Hangmen have been choice support to touring acts such as Transplants, Nekromantix or Tiger Army and, when they're not headlining in their own right, are regularly seen warming up the masses for rejuvenated punk-era heroes.
London's Royal Court theatre went through a sold out season of performances of The Hangmen by Academy Award winner Martin McDonagh, and is now everyone will get the chance to see what the fuss is about during broadcasts of the show in cinemas by National Theatre Live.
Britain's final executions of Gwynne Evans and Peter Allen were carried out by public hangmen Harry Allen and Robert Stewart.
His father and uncle were both official hangmen. As an 11-year-old he wrote an essay that started: "When I leave school, I should like to be the Official Executioner."
Mallick belongs to a family of professional hangmen. His father, D.
Henry's log has been handed over for sale to Marshall's auctioneers in Knutsford, Cheshire - just two weeks after a similar diary by Harry Allen, one of Britain's last hangmen, was also put up for offers.
In recent weeks a member of American ska punk band Rancid has contacted the label saying he loves Toddler-managed band The Hangmen so much that he wants to sell their T-shirts through his clothing company.
Little did they or their despatchers, the hangmen Robert Leslie Stewart or Harry Allen, know that 40 years on their names would warrant a special place in the annals of British criminal justice as the last players in the grim drama of a British execution.