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HANGMAN. The name usually given to a man employed by the sheriff to put a man to death, according to law, in pursuance of a judgment of a competent court, and lawful warrant. The same as executioner. (q.v.)

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A close relationship between the two scoring projects emerges first and foremost from the surviving musical sources, to the extent that two earlier inventories of the composer's papers mistakenly listed portions of the Grapes music among the sketches for Hangmen (p.
Both appendices contain music supplementary to the film score for Hangmen as it was recorded for viewing, reminding us of the strain film scores put on any presumption of the bounded musical project with a single coherent product.
The fragments associated with Hangmen are succinctly described in their own section.
And I would think that the mass of the people in Irobi's Izon state of Hangmen would do with such a "prop" on which to anchor the revolutionary zeal generated by the Suicide Squad.
Ahitophel Ogbansiegbe and Animalu in Hangmen and The Other Side respectively, who are self-serving and narcissistic Marxist intellectuals and whose lives end in an equally identical tragic way: murdered by the positive heroes in the two plays.
The structure of the plays, Nwokedi and Hangmen, has relevance for the use Irobi makes of the foreshadowing and flashback techniques as means of evoking revolutionary tension.
THE HANGMEN, KING SIMIAN: Camel's Hump, M'bro Thursday Entry: FREE
The post A little light administrative duty for Sri Lanka's new hangmen appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
We're looking at sending Burnout In The Capital sometime early in the New Year, a band called Columbia over there in August and The Hangmen in September.
The shots of the hangmen, they are sort of Serb drug dealers.
Henry, says Steve in his book, was one of the first hangmen to get official training after a number of botched executions by several hangmen.
Quite a few murderers also came from the same area as the hangmen originated from and it was inevitable that in a small number of cases the unofficial killer and the official one would know each other.