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I would like everyone to know that some of those horses who disappear from the Racing Post pages go on to a long and happy life, and that even though they are not Group winners or superstars they are loved and appreciated for being the wonderful characters that they are.
However, he took to social media and posted a photo of himself and Risper captioning it, "Happy wife, happy life.
Due to the long age and a happy life, relatives of Baba Lal Khan paid him tribute by arranging music in his funeral.
But while astrologists see a good year in 2018, it is still up to us to do what is right, to forgive those who may have hurt us, to share part of what we have, and to feed those who are hungry, if only to live a happy life.
Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof Dr Shahid Siddiqui who was the chief guest on the occasion congratulated the community on their holy day, wishing them a happy life.
They deserve a chance to get out of it, correct their mistakes and, ultimately, find the right partner for a happy life.
Laughter and Tears LIFE can be happy Life can be sad And life can be cruel as well The ups and the downs The smiles and the frowns Can each come along for a spell When you are young When you're care free And life is a laugh as you play It doesn't take much Just a slip or a touch To chase all the laughter away When you grow up And follow your team And you're at a big game with your dreams As the game ebbs and flows At the highs and the lows Your emotions will reach the extremes When you grow old When the legs slow you down And you start to look back down the years In spite of the strain You'll still feel the same You will still see the laughter and tears by Doug Sharkey, Birkenhead
Send Mother's Day Flowers to Malaysia and wish good health, wealth and a happy life to your dear ones.
A MUM of five will share her secrets to living a happy life on a budget at a Teesside festival.
And what is the point of living longer and being fit if you can't live a full and happy life because your mind is being eaten away by dementia?
However, happiness is elusive to many people because they are very much worried about the future and also they brood over the past, failing to live a happy life in the present.