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Rob Atteberry, vice president of merchandising, will succeed Griffith as vice president of hard lines.
In 51 Ways of Looking, one seemingly unfinished portrait is accompanied by two pictures drawn in pencil, one soft, the other with hard lines.
The action matches the game's presentation, with Hard Lines packing in six gameplay variants to keep the player occupied: Survial, Dead Line, Time Attack, Pinata, Gauntlet and Snake.
IPNet is the EDI-INT leader in the hard lines manufacturing industry," said Colleen Edwards, vice president of marketing, IPNet.
has been upgraded with significant new features that include better support for hard lines manufacturers who wish to embrace Vendor Managed Inventory to optimize sales based on shelf activity.
In 2001, Sears' challenge will be to maintain the momentum in its hard lines business and regain traction in its soft lines business within the increasingly competitive middle market.