hard to explain

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I DO know what personality is, but it's hard to explain," said the Story Girl, relenting.
It is hard to explain all that William Langland and John Wyclif stand for in English literature and in English history.
I reckon she'll find it hard to explain THAT to my satisfaction.
Not since he was a boy had it appealed to him--though it would have driven him hard to explain what had brought him from England to the Solomons if it had not been adventure.
You see," said Doctor Manette, turning to him after an uneasy pause, "it is very hard to explain, consistently, the innermost workings of this poor man's mind.
You are a dear, and ever so much prettier than you were last summer, only you 've been brought up differently from us; so your ways ain't like ours, you see," began Fanny, finding it rather hard to explain.
This, Tanada said, was one of the reasons why it has always been hard to explain to other Filipinos the importance of freedom in one's country.
The murder of Zainab is such an unfortunate and tragic incident that it is hard to explain in words,' the ex parliamentarian said.
According to Rizaov, such events always open moral and petty feuds and dilemmas because it is hard to explain and accept the essential difference between the law and justice on the Balkan, as well as the personal and professional convictions.
Washington, August 19 ( ANI ): Mark Wahlberg has admitted that he is not proud of his brief stint in the underwear modeling business, asserting that his casual career choice would be hard to explain to his four kids.
Over the last 40 years of hunting, the last 20 only bowhunting, the sixth sense has always been hard to explain to my friends.
The increasing amount of transfers is hard to explain in a time when an economic crisis afflicts most countries where Macedonians live, especially European countries, although a notable share of this amount is the money of Macedonian citizens working in Afghanistan and Iraq.