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As I grew and blossomed into a veteran officer, I not only became hard-hearted to the inmate population, but my friends and family outside of the jail environment also felt the wrath of my change of heart.
We must be mad to continue with this hard-hearted and short-sighted habit.
Mind you, for all the English arrogance I DEFY even the most hard-hearted Scot not to have had a pang of sympathy for Michael Owen the other night.
At four years old McKenzie Williamson is tot of the pops, even for the usually hard-hearted judges of ITV talent show The X Factor.
But those who refuse to help are not all hard-hearted, the survey also discovered.
RON HOWARD moseys on back to John Ford territory with his latest, a hard-hearted, soft-headed Western called ``The Missing,'' and if you suffered through Howard's last Ford replica, ``Far and Away,'' you know that's not a good thing.
TOTS at a nursery are feeling down in the dumps after hard-hearted thieves took their outdoor climbing frame.
They use technology with great sensitivity to enhance daily life and connect urban elements dissected and destroyed by the hard-hearted army and civil--engineer driven functionalism of the '60s and '70s.
But only the most hard-hearted could have watched Rwanda's plight on Friday and not be overwhelmed with compassion.
Bush never misses a chance to take a photo with a minority child, a woman, or a senior citizen--just to prove that he is not the old hard-hearted kind of Republican.
Daniel scolds the king for being arrogant and hard-hearted, worshiping idols, looting and killing like his father, King Nebuchadnezzar.
But even somebody as hard-hearted as him might feel some slight sense of shame at what he is doing.