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The results of this study will contribute knowledge for researchers to design a more efficient solution to overcome poor power quality, harmonic distortion and other losses such as load imbalance.
In order to conclude the system it is enabled to reduce the harmonic defects using the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) in the source side of the 110kV substation which has been detected by FFT Algorithm and compensated by using the Shunt Active Filter.
However, the tremendous proliferation of electronic devices has had such a significant adverse impact on utility transmission and distribution systems that new international regulations are being implemented to reduce harmonic distortion caused by these devices.
A high level harmonic distortion of a UPS output can become the basis of such effects as increased fans motor heating and noise, misoperation of electronic home appliances specially which relies and operate with respect to the zero crossing detection in voltage signal or the equipment"s sensitive to wave form may causes the intervention with telephone circuits etc.
On comparison of all results it is observed, the total harmonic distortion results obtained from simulation are precisely equivalent to the results drawn from experimental.
The quality of the PCM audio source is a limiting parameter in the performance of the instrument so techniques are used to determine the harmonic distortion.
Product Sub-Category: Rectification Of Harmonic Distortion
Direct DAC output provides 350-ps rise/fall times with -66 dBc nonharmonic distortion and -58 dBc harmonic distortion.
In line-operated systems with power levels from 75 W to 1 kW and above, the UCC28070 helps reduce total harmonic distortion, allowing systems to maximize usable outlet power and accommodate extreme variations and disturbances in worldwide AC line voltage levels.
Aerielle Enabled means Simply Better Sound [R] -- unparalleled audio fidelity that produces crisper highs and deeper lows through enhanced noise reduction technology, high-quality stereo separation, and superior total harmonic distortion performance.
Employing accurate primary side power regulation, the IRS29831 integrates an LED driver control IC and power MOSFET utilizing 700V technology and features high-voltage start up to offer a simple cost-effective single stage solution while maintaining a high power factor and low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) for improved efficiency.
99 typical power factor, <7 percent harmonic distortion, 88 percent typical efficiency, and output voltage regulation.