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Voiced speech harmonic structure required that F0 must be located in highest energy cluster (Hu and Wang, 2010).
The multi-F0 candidates are estimated from the predominant multiple pitch calculated by the harmonic structure analysis.
Maybe it was a function of the particular excerpts, but the drama seemed to be expressed more through rhythm and complex harmonic structure (the complexities evident with only piano accompaniment) than through long melodic lines.
Influenced by African rhythmic complexity and European harmonic structure, arising from varied regional combinations of ragtime and the blues, it is often called America's "classical music.
If this was indeed Pollock's preferred listening, then he was not attending to the music that was then exerting a parallel force within jazz, that is, the bebop fragmentation of harmonic structure and melodic line pursued by Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and company.
By generating American Technology's proprietary HyperTones[TM], a unique harmonic structure that at high intensity is intolerable to humans or animals, the sonic field repels anyone up to 10 meters away by creating an 'auditory denial zone.
Correlating Vaughan Williams's musical structure to Arnold's poetic one, Town offers a penetrating analysis of the work's motivic and harmonic structure, highlighting thematic connections to Harnham Down and noting the composer's pointed omissions of lines that disrupt his desire for an overriding pastoral mood, yielding a reductive portrait of Arnold's scholar-gypsy as a shy, romantic figure.
While none of the pieces are technically difficult, the harmonic structure is quite sophisticated with many accidentals and all venture into the third octave.
Its 1959 premiere was conducted by Goehr's father Walter who died two years later and the Little Symphony, performed here by the AKSO Ensemble and Sch|nberg Ensemble, is an elegy whose harmonic structure echoes Mussorgsky's sombre "Catacombs" from Pictures at an Exhibition.
I can't hear individual notes anymore, but oftentimes when we were playing I couldn't hear the individual notes anyway, if the sound wasn't good, but I could hear his harmonic structure and know what he was up to, and I can still hear that.
According to percussionist/vocalist Martinez, "this CD is a perfect example of how the marriage of Afro-Caribbean rhythms with the harmonic structure and improvisational nature of jazz continues to remain fresh, exhilarating and timeless.