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Also for the first time ever, the program will enable listeners to launch new Pandora stations based on a specific track feature such as guitar effects, chromatic harmonic structure and vocal harmony.
I can't hear individual notes anymore, but oftentimes when we were playing I couldn't hear the individual notes anyway, if the sound wasn't good, but I could hear his harmonic structure and know what he was up to, and I can still hear that.
He considers how each song integrates text and music, specifically how the musical setting relates the text through form, style, harmonic structure, or other elements.
The jazz meter which Kaufman uses here is quite similar to the meter of regular jazz music, in which the improvised solo breaks away from the composition's melodic and harmonic structure.
moments in the music that constitute intermediate stages between chorus structure (which preserves harmonic structure and three metric levels of hypermeter, meter, and pulse) and the abandonment.
The arrangements are quite interesting and unique with well-conceived and varied harmonic structure.
The melody is similar but the harmonic structure is completely different.
A standard blues piece consists of a series of stanzas each of which follows a basic harmonic structure (I IV I V I) and text form (AAB) which is repeated and varied as a piece progresses to give it a large-scale shape.
This was one of the catalysts for Bird and Diz and the young boppers beginning to improvise off the harmonic structure, the chords, of cliched standards, rather than play those tired melodies.
The accounts of harmonic structure present other problems owing to the nature of the source.