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Harrison Ford in new Star Wars film The Force Awakens
Harrison Ford, as Colonel Hyrum Graff, has words with Asa Butterfield, who plays Ender Wiggin
For Harrison Ford, the chance to showcase the film at Comic-Con was a way of thanking the fans.
Harrison Ford got the part and it's now hard to imagine anyone else in the role.
HOLLYWOOD legend Harrison Ford is going to get permanent star billing at the North Wales hotel where he stayed after a narrow boat trip.
And though Six Days opens on a weekend with little competition--rival studios have learned to steer clear of a Harrison Ford opening--will it be able to hold its own against the formidable summer lineup?
Nintendo's Mario exemplifies this as he's become one of the biggest leading men in entertainment, as his $7 billion-plus worldwide video game sales rank him above Hollywood's current leading man, Harrison Ford, whose films have earned more than $5.
HARRISON Ford could have died when he was crushed by a hydraulic door on the set of the latest Star Wars film, a court heard.
LONDON: Hollywood star Harrison Ford could have been killed by a hydraulic door on a "Star Wars" movie set, a court heard Tuesday, as the Disney-owned production company admitted to safety breaches.
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Harrison Ford, who recently crashed his vintage airplane on a Los Angeles golf course, is returning to the skies -- at least with his voice.
net they saw someone from the Stormtrooper scene resembling Harrison Ford.