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HART. A stag or male deer of the forest five years old complete.

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Austin-based Hart InterCivic, a national government services company and industry leader in election management solutions, reports that its voting system commitments, in Texas counties alone, have topped $30 million so far this year.
Moore County is one of the Hart customers working closely on the development and testing of this new product in an actual county environment, and we are very pleased with the results thus far.
II title, the Cowboys surrendered less than 12 points per game in the playoffs, limiting Foothill League rivals Valencia and Hart of Newhall to 13 apiece in the semifinals and championship.
Hart has eliminated 41 playoff teams during Herrington's tenure and lost 10 times.
In order to address this problem, Hart InterCivic has developed EDX, based on the widely used XML (eXtensible Markup Language) standard.
This time it was Hart fans who stormed the Valencia field and formed a mosh pit around their celebrating players.
We hope that by working with Hart InterCivic, Orange County will be viewed as a pioneer in this area and we can assist other jurisdictions in the very important area of security and privacy of personal information," said Haynie.
It looks like the race for Player of the Year this season will come down to Williams and Hart senior forward Tatianna Thomas.
His son Ben Hart was an editor at The Dartmouth Review and a leader of what the Heritage Foundation billed as a "Third Generation" of new conservatives in the early 1980s.
New Hart ceo Richard Eichler said the company's board of directors are "prepared for significant investment in new launches and product expansion.
As a sculptor of constructive geometric forms, I try to create engaging works that are enriched by an underlying geometrical depth," Hart says.
Act One is a dazzling book all right--a love letter to the theater that retains all of its heady perfume--but autobiographies never really tell the whole story, and a Hart biography is long overdue.