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HART. A stag or male deer of the forest five years old complete.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Speaking on the Sunday Game highlights show following Tyrone's All-Ireland loss to Kerry, Cavanagh said "there does come a time when that baton does have to be passed on" with Harte having had 17 seasons in the job.
"Direct, close engagement with the individual texts matters more to me," writes Harte, "than elaborating a fixed critical position or adhering to a particular academic mandate" (2).
However, Harte battled with the tail to guide Durham, who also benefited from 81 extras, to a total of 376 - leaving Derbyshire 268 to win the match.
Rimmington provided an excellent foil at the other end as the duo put on 100 for the eighth wicket to defy the visitors Gareth Harte before lunch.
(NYSE: WIT) (BSE: 507685) (NSE: WIPRO) has agreed to invest USD 9.9m in Texas, US-based omni-channel marketing services firm Harte Hanks (NYSE: HHS) to offer end-to-end marketing technology services, the company said.
But then "victim" Harte and "kidnapper" Darren Fitzpatrick knew this because they had staged the whole elaborate hoax.
I woke up Friday morning with a sigh of relief and a heavy heart," Harte said, two days before Miami dodged a bullet, as Irma wobbled west and smacked Cudjoe Key as a Category 4 hurricane with 135 mph wind gusts and storm surges of 10-14 feet.
Publican Josie Harte is a well-known figure in Galway and managed the county minors, but back in 1970 he almost pulled off a famous win as an Exile.
Harte also learned that Frederick Seward, the son of the wartime Secretary and, happily, a classmate of Bret's father, was assistant secretary of state!
Harte looks forward to serving clients in their new location for years to come.