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Traditionally, every put and get operation involves to hash table lookup to identify the existence of items.
20] Bestpeer / extended peer algorithm Distributed system Hash Table with Round Trip Time -- Bernsteing et machine P2P network al.
To provide a fast output detection result, we use hash table search technology to output the desired detection results instead of depth-first search technology.
When matching a score greater than 0, the characteristic of protocol search hash table, check whether have five unit is the set of nodes.
To reduce the FPP, PBF-BF and PBF-HT [8] add another BF and hash table (HT)to the PBFs to store the verification value of the different dimensions.
Fixed number slot static hash table which needs growing storage is also not suitable for the embedded real-time system.
In the symmetric hash join there is a separate hash table for each input relation.
The difference between the total amount of consumed memory and the amount of memory allocated for the hash table was less than 1 MB in all verifications where bit state hashing was used.
In addition, three memory tables known as line-station hash table, line-station searching linked-list and station-line searching linked-list are designed to improve the searching speed and reduce the searching complexity.
The top-level data structure is an instance of the Mission-Builder class, containing a hash table for the overall mission data and four additional hash tables holding the sets of event, leg, sortie and movement data structures.
Each bucket in the hash table consists of a number to represent how many extended itemsets have been hashed to it thus far.
This can be done efficiently if each set A[i] is organized as a hash table (or a CAM in hardware).