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The Hassall's corpuscles showed typical swirly appearance and stained strongly eosinophilic (fig-1 and 2).
Table: Comparison between the experimental and control groups regarding the number of ERC's, number and diameter of Hassall's corpuscles.
There was an increase in the diameter as well as the number of Hassall's corpuscles in the retinoic acid exposed experimental subgroups.
Furthermore, origin of the cells constituting Hassall's corpuscles has been challenged previously24 and as a future prospective, it would be interesting to elucidate the cellular lineage and multicellular population of this dynamic and unique component of thymic microenvironment14.
One Hassall's corpuscle of relatively larger size but still in early stages of formation with a single nucleus was seen (Fig.
However, two of the specimens from 79 year old specimens showed normally lobulated thymus with reticulocytes and Hassall's corpuscles.
The number of Hassall's corpuscles per low power field was assessed in all the specimens.
Mann--Whitney test showed that there is no significant difference in the number of Hassall's corpuscles in between the two sexes.