have mercy

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Look this day in mercy and blessing on Thy humble people, and graciously hear us, spare us, and have mercy upon us
And truly I may well call it saying my prayers, for I was in such a confusion, and had such horror upon my mind, that though I cried, and repeated several times the ordinary expression of 'Lord, have mercy upon me
During the reading, especially at the frequent and rapid repetition of the same words, "Lord, have mercy on us
Pray to God that He may in His mercy aid you and have mercy on you
but slipping backward on the deck, his uplifted eyes caught the flames; and immediately shifting his tone, he cried -- The corpusants have mercy on us all
No, no, it wasn't; I said the corpusants have mercy on us all; and I hope they will, still.
For the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.
In Paul's ardent soul, this hymn echoes the principle he had just stated and which is in a way the central theme of the whole Epistle: "For God has consigned all men to disobedience, that he may have mercy upon all" (Rom 11:32).
Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.