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Country: United States of America
State: Texas

I gave application to move to apartment on 27th Nov,05 and move date was 1st Dec,2005. Even I went to apartment rental office on 28th nov to conform the same. They told me that they are working on this and will be done by 30th Nov. so that I can move on 1st Dec. Hence I called the Texas gas services to get me the Gas connection on 1st Dec, 2005. They asked me to drop authorization letter and keep the door open so that the Gas connection can be set to on.When I went to rental apartment on 1st Morning they told me that the papers are not ready and it will be done by 5:00PM. And only at 6:15PM I got the keys of the apartment. When I went to my new apartment, I saw a note from the Gas company saying that they were there at 1:57PM to set the connection on and since the door was locked and the apartment office was closed they cannot set the gas connection on. When I called them on 2nd Dec, they told me that since they attempted and could not get inside the apartment the next date on which I can get the gas connection only on 6th Dec. In this winter, myself, my pregnant wife and 3.5 yrs old kid are surving without hot water and house heating. Also the windows are not that good. We are getting cold air from the side of the windows and making the bedroom really cold. My daughter and wife got cold. I will like to take this matter to the apartment people for not giving me apartment on time.Please suggest, how I can do this.Can I sue them for the in-convienece caused to myself and my family.


Based on what you say here, you could probably file suit against them (or at least threaten to do so) in small claims court or in regular court; filing in small claims court is easier and requires no attorney...you could try to collect all of the costs and damages that you suffered due to their behavior...
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