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EAGLE, money. A gold coin of the United States, of the value of ten dollars. It weighs two hundred and fifty-eight grains. Of one thousand parts, nine hundred are of pure gold, and one hundred of all Act of January 18, 1837, 4 Sharsw. Cont. of Story's L. U. S. 2523, 4. Vide Money.

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Only 300 to 400 mature Javan hawk-eagles are thought to remain in the wild, with 30 to 40 individuals (the same as its annual output) captured each year.
In this way, the identification of the feather as belonging to the black hawk-eagle (Spizaetus tyrannus), was confirmed, with 99.
Based on IUCN (2013) criteria, six listed species are threatened: one (White-shouldered Ibis) is Critically Endangered, another (Storm's Stork) is Endangered and four (Chinese Egret, Lesser Adjutant, Wallace's Hawk-Eagle, Blue-banded Kingfisher) are Vulnerable.