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HAWKERS. Persons going from place to place with goods and merchandise for sale. To prevent impositions they are generally required to take out licenses, under regulations established by the local laws of the states.

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Deep discharging Hawkers in cold environments can also shorten their life span because the current voltage regulator will undercharge them.
Bill Hawker said he firmly believed the prime suspect drugged his daughter at a coffee shop before luring her back to his apartment.
DETROIT -- Hawkers display ballgame battle cries at Comerica Park auditions starting June 16; fans vote on favorites based on passion for hawking, creativity & overall technique; best hawker selected July 21
Indore (Bhopal) June 10 (ANI): Violence marred Indore as illegal hawkers and shopkeepers clashed with police during an eviction drive on Tuesday.
One of the benefits of the technology built into Hawkers is that they can be recharged to full service from fully discharged multiple times.
Texas Hawkers is a Houston company which provides food and
Raytheon Aircraft's superior product support has also assured that the Hawkers have a very high dispatch rate to meet our customers' schedules," Santulli added.
has ordered 20 new Raytheon Aircraft Hawker 800XPs, valued at approximately $210 million, representing the single largest business jet order for Hawkers in the aircraft's history.
Kolkata: A group of hawkers lynched a constable of the Railway Protection Force (RPF), following a pitched battle inside the Malda Town station in West Bengal.
LAHORE -- Hawkers and vendors of Lunda bazaar (flea market) have occupied all footpaths and more than half of the Nicholson road as well as Mayo Hospital causing traffic blockage and mishaps.
Several operators in China and Hong Kong use Hawkers as a core component of their fleets, with 12 based in China and 16 in the region.