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Nurturing things like compassion, respect, honesty, Dr Hawkes the fourth R truthfulness and caring for others, is just as important as learning the Three Rs - and, according to Dr Hawkes's research in the UK and Australia, 87% of parents agree.
Just 10 years after they opened their first store in Shanghai, mainland China, Gieves & Hawkes now have more than 100 premises, and plan to open more in the coming years to cater to China's ever-expanding - and increasingly discerning - luxury goods market.
Hawkes was a member of the National American Farmers Association, a former member and leader of the 4H Club, Worcester County Advisory, a member of the 7th Degree (The Grange), and Past President of the New England Hereford Cattle Association.
David Potter, defending Hawkes, said his client had financial troubles and health problems.
Only after Lewin decided to check out some of the actor's other films did he catch John Hawkes fever.
Hawkes is at his best as he establishes the importance of money-lending and, more generally, an emerging market economy in Milton's time.
Capitalise It was breaks by Warwick and Hawkes that put Bees in position to capitalise on a penalty under the posts that sent Sadler over for their late try.
And when local authorities refused to register the marriages, Hawkes and his supporters rose to the challenge.
Hawkes, who had only about 30 minutes before the committee and frequently had his answers interrupted and his actions criticized, was trying to explain how the new courthouse, nicknamed the Taj Mahal, came about.
Westwood, of Crowthorne, Berks, and Hawkes, of Chertsey, Surrey, were granted bail by city magistrates and are due at Chester crown court on April 5.
Darren Hawkes, 43, and two other unknown men went to a flat on Walton Court, Portrack, Stockton, and forced open the front door.
GERAINT HAWKES has stepped down from his role as chairman of Neath and has relinquished his stake in the club with immediate effect.