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The right head tilt can be explained by the more severe macroscopic lesion of the right inner ear compared with the left ear.
On initial presentation, the bird had a severe left-sided head tilt and torticollis with the left side of its face rubbing against the left side of the body.
This is the second most common cause of head tilt, and it happens very suddenly.
The bird will develop severe symptoms, such as blindness, head tilt, circling and paralysis.
Remind the child not to be afraid to ask the photographer a question if he/she is unsure about posture, head tilt, hands, etc.
One possibility is otitis media (middle ear infection) where the hamster has a head tilt and unco-ordinated movement.
A NUMBER of different things can cause head tilt, these include:
Many appear at the surgery with a head tilt and varying forms of paralysis.
Its cast-aluminum body features a 360-degree swivel base with locking collar and 180-degree head tilt.
And that the head tilt and hair flick are classic examples of how women attract attention to themselves?
He sways slowly towards Mr Lovell, leaning in, and Mr Lovell's head tilts slightly away.