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Absence of spontaneous head tilt in superior oblique muscle palsy.
Your rabbit may also have been poisoned by consuming something like lead or a substance at home which could be the cause of the head tilt.
Our study confirmed that the dynamic head tilt is one of the interesting tests for distinguishing postural control in dancers.
This head tilt, by altering the position of his ears relative to a sound source, may provide more accurate information about the location of the source.
He has a slight head tilt, which is not a problem, but everyone seems to overlook him", said Bev Johnson, small animal and cattery supervisor at the centre.
Papilloedema was suspected on ophthalmoscopy, and head tilt was seen to the left by the time she was examined in the ward.
As a rule, vestibular disturbance is asymmetrical; any head tilt, falling, or circling usually occurs toward only one side.
This minimoment of peekaboo shows how Rethorst teases yon into noticing each action, from a balance, to a hip swivel, to a head tilt, of a tremor of the hands.
Pay attention" kind of attitude, involving a tiny head tilt performed with ponderous stateliness.
Recently, a visually driven neck reflex was identified as a cause of head tilt toward the horizon.
CPR Placards--We've seen CPR placards on several boats that direct the rescuer to use the head tilt neck lift method of establishing an open airway in an unconscious victim.
STEP 2: Check their breathing | Maintain the head tilt and chin lift, and look for chest movement.