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A headmaster is posted against the basic pay scale (BPS) 17, while senior headmaster is of BPS 18 and principles are of BPS 19 and 20.
Abdul Akbar said that headmasters had the genuine right to be promoted to BPS-18, as they had been serving in the same grade (BPS-17) for the last over 10 years.
These recommendations included shutting down a private evening secondary school in the south of Riyadh due to a high absentee rate reaching 97 percent, and dismissing four headmasters of private secondary schools for boys and one private secondary school for girls in the east of Riyadh.
I predicted a bright future for the anchorman, David Frost, but my headmaster said: "You'll never hear of him again after it has finished.
Gaynor Holmes, acting head of drama for BBC Scotland and executive producer of Waterloo Road, said: "Alex will be joining as the character Gerard Findlay, the headmaster of rival school Havelock High.
HOW TO CLAIM TO claim 50 per cent off a haircut and blowdry at Headmasters, simply book direct with your chosen salon.
The original school building opened its doors to pupils in September 1932, with Mr K R Brain (who is pictured front row, far right) being headmaster until 1963.
Andrew Grant, HMC chairman and headmaster of St Alban's School, Hertfordshire, said: "Parental demand for high quality independent education remains very strong, despite the gloomy economic background.
It was formed by a number of Birmingham headmasters in anticipation of the forthcoming 1870 Education Act, which led to a more formal education organisation for children aged five to 13, overseen by school boards.
This decision means headmasters now have to visit other schools and investigate them.
It will provide opportunities for 200 European school teachers of Chinese and 400 school headmasters from member states to improve their skills in Chinese and their understanding of Chinese culture.